IQ Irrigation:

IQ is the intelligent solution for linear and pivot irrigation systems.  Our sophisticated but simple to use GPS controlled system delivers fingertip control to your irrigators.  It runs remotely over the internet with an easy-to-use web application, which can run from your home or office computer.

Simply select the irrigation patterns that suit your crop , terrain and farming operation and then let IQ's robust hardware and software solution deliver  the right amount of water to where its needed.  Or for dairy it can even keep areas dry from roads through to infrastructure such as sheds and plant.  IQ's intelligent solutions make better use of your land, your water and your power. Now that's smart!  

The simplest solution allows the farmer to create no-spray areas along the pivot and can be purchased to run on a single span if needed. The system can be easily scaled to suit your business needs.

The most sophisticated solution links in with effluent disposal and uses real-time feedback from soil and weather data  around the pivot.           

At any time you can see what your irrigators are doing by simply logining in to  remotely  manage your irrigators.  At the cluster screen you can see the status of each pivot in your farm, and at the pivot level you will have complete control over the actions of the irrigator, such as Stop, Forward, Reverse, is the Water on or off and is the end gun on or off.

To demonstrate all of the features and capabilities of our product  contact one of our distribution partners or have a look at our demo software on this site.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dave Hislop, Medbury farm

"The IQ solution has worked
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8/27/2013 Trimble Acquires IQ Irrigation.
Expands its water solutions into irrigation area